Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 8 January 2009

kerosenedeluxe, by Tina Korhonen

  • Good food. My uncle makes every lunch and dinner for me and my aunt, and he's a wonderful cook!
  • Supportive people. Kasmeneo left a very positive comment on one of my Flickr photos, and it made my week! He's quite the inspiring person himself.
  • i'm in like with you. WARNING, this site is highly addictive! It takes classic flash games and puts them all together in a social setting. (P.S. If you join, feel free to friend me. My username is verticaltrout!)
  • Pilates. I went with my aunt and uncle to their pilates class and it was wonderful. I've done yoga before, but I have to say now I think I like pilates better!
  • This song. Even though it's mainstream (as if that makes a difference).
  • Seeing a therapist again.
  • Susan. She's the aforementioned absolutely crazy-amazing family friend who always makes me smile. (And her cat is so sweet!)

P.S. I know it's actually Friday now!

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