Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 15 January 2009

Photo by meunierd
  • Cats. The cat that allows me to reside in her house has finally accepted me as a member of the family. (Her name is Skweegi!)
  • Video messaging. Me and my friend Joel have been recording videos on each others' Facebook walls. It really makes me happy.
  • My enormous image collection. Just looking through all the pictures on my computer can cheer me up.
  • The movie Brideshead Revisited. It's very heavy - lots to think about and a tad depressing - but SO good! I attend a movie discussion group and we just watched it.
  • Sara Barielles's cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes". Take a listen!
  • Writing again. (Outside of blogging, I mean!)


  1. #1 your snakeskin leggings from a few posts ago are on my list of "kick ass things i'm not cool enough to wear)

    #2 I need to learn how to facebook video message wall attack people. i think it would bring me much joy as well.

  2. Awww, I'm sure you could rock out the leggings.

    As for Facebook, if you have a webcam it's quite easy. Above the space where you write on their wall, there are a bunch of options. "Add video" should be on there!