Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Wear Pantone's Spring '09 Color Report

When I saw the colors (and the awesome retro vibe) in Pantone's spring '09 color report, I couldn't resist whipping up some outfits!

Fuchsia Red on Polyvore
Go casual chic with harem pants and gold accents.

Salmon Rose on Polyvore
Mix tough accessories with this girly shade.

Palace Blue on Polyvore
Pair this color with white for smooth sailing.

Lucite Green on Polyvore
Pair with shiny blacks and whites for a mod look.

Super Lemon on Polyvore
This is an ideal color to try with another trend - florals.

Dark Citron on Polyvore
Shiny shots of this color would make The Little Mermaid proud.

Lavender on Polyvore
Wear with stripes for a look that's pretty but a bit punk.

Vibrant Green on Polyvore
This color will perk up the laziest sweats day.

Slate Grey on Polyvore
Pair with other muted colors for a look that's dark and mysterious without being all black.

Rose Dust on Polyvore
This is the perfect neutral to try with some wild accessories.

Details on Polyvore
Bonus set: Pieces that feature one or more of the colors from the report.



  1. I like the outfit for Lucite green, that dress is so hot!

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Thanks! Your cooking skillz evidence looks delicious, too. ;>