Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daily Outfit: 31 January 2009

I felt like mismatching. :)
  • Shirt: Threadless
  • Pants: Hand-me-down
  • Scarf: Self-made
  • Shoes: Saucony
  • Red armwarmer: Gift
  • Black glove: Army/Navy store
  • White sock: Hanes
  • Dark sock: Marshalls
  • Necklace: NY State Fair, modified by me
  • Watch: Casio
  • Regular glasses
Just finished that scarf this morning. What to make next. Hmm...

Are you currently working on any DIYs?



  1. I've got a rucksack in the works, and I recently dug up some green knitted ninja mitts that needed. . . something, so I put studs on them. Oh! and I dumpstered this black brocade dress which I am planning to resurrect as a vest.

  2. hahaha i like the socks!
    unfortunately i'm not good at DIY,i dont't have patience...