Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fashion Fortress Two: Part Four (Conclusion)

Team Fortress Pooh from Fanboys
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Okay, I dig. Dressing up in homage to your favorite video game is not for everyone. "Fashion? In my video games?" It's more likely than you think. But if my outfits seem too close to cosplay for you, don't go reaching for the cheesy official merchandise quite yet. (Don't kill me Valve, I almost bought the Soldier shirt!)

The above unofficial merchandise has a certain level of class to it. For one, it doesn't say "Team Fortress Two" all over it, a label which sadly may cause poor uninformed souls to automatically think something along the lines of "that's a video game, isn't it? This person must be a failure who lives in his/her parents' basement and can't get a proper job". On the other hand, the unofficial designs are about aspects of the game that only the experienced would understand--that is, people who will appreciate your geekiness. And perhaps a curious civilian may ask a question about said shirt, thus starting a conversation. Bonus!

My favorite item above is this Demoman shirt available from J!NX:

Super awesome according to my gamer soul, but also super easy to work into a stylish wardrobe. Just my cup of tea...or bottle of scrumpy!


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