Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily Outfit, Purchases, + Links: 9 December 2008 and 10 December 2008

  • Biker-styled cropped sweatshirt from Marshalls
  • Hanes wifebeater
  • Velvet gauchos (gathered and tucked at leg) from Marshalls
  • Socks from Marshalls
  • Thrifted boots
  • Dogtag necklace I got at the New York State Fair when I was 5
  • Casio watch
  • My regular glasses
Here's a (not-really-detailed) detail shot of those pants:


Gauchos converted into a harem/Hammer pants-like creation. Do you like my recessionista ingenuity? *rolls eyes* I think that term is already overused! Oh well. For those of you wondering how to do it:
  1. Take a hair elastic and tightly gather the excess pant leg behind your knee.
  2. Tuck the gathered section underneath the rest of the pant leg.
  3. Repeat on the other leg.
In other news, my article on thrifting got me in the mood, so yesterday I went for a quick shop. Not much luck though; I forgot to bring my offering to the thrift gods (donation)! I did score a couple of things, though:


I've wanted this Threadless shirt for a while, but not enough to actually get it. Yay for thrift store prices!


Eureka! Stirrup leggings that don't give me cankles.


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