Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Style Soldiers and Fashion Fighters; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Military Chic

It’s no secret that I love military inspired fashions. Despite basically being a pacifist, there’s something about the armed forces that fascinates and excites me. Perhaps it’s the strange (erroneous) sort of glamour that’s been attached to it by Hollywood and video games; perhaps it’s because my dad harbors the same affections; maybe it’s because I crave the rigid discipline that I briefly experienced in my high school marching band days. (I told you I was a geek, and I meant it. Oh, the joys of being the drum major of an award-winning band…) But I digress. Whatever the reason, I am obsessed. I seriously can’t remember the last time I left the house without either wearing my dogtag necklace or a pair of stompy boots.

Yes, military chic is often covered as a trend in mainstream fashion media. As with most looks, articles advise not to go overboard lest you look like an actual soldier. Oh noes! Not. Wear what you want to. Own it, homefry. Hey, no one’s gonna beat you up if you look like you’d win the fight.

Exhibit A: Military Style to the Max: Style Soldiers and Fashion Fighters

Exhibit B: Toned Down: But I Want To Look Normal!

"Normal" is overrated! Okay, fine. There are many ways to inject just a tad of military style into your look. Here are some suggestions:
  • One word: boots.
  • Base outfits around a palette of neutrals--greys, army greens, tans, blacks and browns.
  • Look for military/combat inspired motifs, like fighter jets, guns, grenades, and bullets.
  • Wear items with rugged details including buckles, utility pockets, and epaulets.
  • Look for details inspired by military insignia--e.g. crests, brass buttons, and chevrons.
  • For authentic pieces, shop at army surplus stores! It's the real stuff so you know it's made to last.

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