Friday, December 12, 2008

Daily Outfit + Links: 12 December 2008

Today I went out for Chinese food and meant to go shopping...but I forgot all the lists and coupons that I needed. Hurr durr. Oh well, some other time. (But not tomorrow...I'm probably going to a roller derby!)

Looking a little bored, Private.
  • Sweatshirt from Marshalls--I've been wearing this quite often.
  • Top from Walmart--you can't see it, but I customized it with the FOXHOUND logo. Yeah Metal Gear!
  • Jeans: Hot Kiss
  • Boots: thrifted
  • Hat from the army-navy store
  • Scarf borrowed (stolen?) from parents
  • Socks from who knows where
  • Regular glasses
Detail shot of the stuff around my neck:

  • Bullet necklace: vintage (probably my favorite piece of jewelry.)
  • Dog tag necklace from the New York State Fair when I was 5
  • An awesome fan-made Mega Man movie trailer.
  • This jewelry line pairs bullet casings with gemstones. The results are stunning, but out of my price range.
  • Fun date idea from a beautiful webcomic.
  • Twilight, in a nutshell.

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