Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fashion Fortress Two: The Article Where I Live Up to the “Geek” Part of my Name: Part One

Team Fortress Two is a wildly popular online multiplayer first-person shooter and personally my favorite video game. The class-based gameplay is incredibly thought-out and balanced—trust me, I could go on about it forever—but this is first and foremost a fashion blog, so I’m going to concentrate on the aesthetic aspects of the game.

Heavens knows fashion inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, and TF2’s retro art and character direction is hard to ignore for any geek with a sense for style. Sure, we could express our fandom through overpriced licensed merchandise, but it’s much more fun to do it without the aid of a logo on a t-shirt. The fictional worlds in video games give us ample opportunity to profess our undying geekdom through allusions only the similarly amorous will understand.

That being’s time to Meet the Team.

Hailing from the USSR, Heavy is big and has a tendency to punch people’s blood out. Don’t get between him and his Sandvich and don’t touch his gun.

Everyone’s favorite black Scottish cyclops also happens to be armed to the teeth with explosives. And alcohol. Oh no, can’t forget the alcohol.

Not much is known about Pyro…except that he (if he even is a he) likes to burn things.


Part Two

Nota bene: Those who are interested in learning more about TF2 can read about it at the TF2 Wiki. I highly recommend everyone (interested or not) watch the Meet the Team videos; they are a comedic goldmine!

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