Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 30 April 2009

Photo by Dark Orange

  • New York City! I am totally getting NYC fever. Can't wait to be there, even though I'm getting anxious about the process of moving my life (and all my stuff) back to the East Coast...Positive thoughts, positive thoughts!
  • The post-apocalyptic aesthetic. It can mean a number of things, but my favorite examples are those that display a dark, gritty, and possibly creepy type of beauty. See: Falk2021's art; Chadwick Tyler's photography (NSFW); John Harbison's Oboe Concerto; Tank Girl.
  • Vitamin Water. It's a permanent vice.
  • Left 4 Dead Free Friday! I don't own the game, so I might have a go...or just grief. :P (Care to join? My Steam name is stylishgeek.)
  • My hair. Still awesome.
  • Good food! There are so many awesome restaurants in Ashland; it makes my head spin.
  • Stephen Colbert. He is my huge non-secret crush.
And you?


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