Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 2 April 2009

Photo by Tyrian3791
  • Patrick Wolf. New crush much?
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I've been watching a lot of stuff with him in it, and let's face it, he is HOT (even though he plays one of my least favorite characters in Watchmen...The Comedian).
  • Watchmen. I just saw the movie and LOVED IT. I really need to read it now. (Yes, I'm a bad geek.)
  • The future! I am so incredibly psyched about the coming year. First of all, this summer I'm taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, my favorite place in the world. Then in the fall I get to go back to Oberlin, where I got exactly the room I wanted (on Sci-fi hall!) and get to work on a new major I actually like. Big stuff.
Seems like a short (and 3/4 superficial) list, but the last one is huge to me.

What's making your day, kittens?


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