Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daily Outfit Catchup: 27 March 2009

  • Sweater: Old Navy; thrifted
  • Shirt (underneath): H&M
  • Skirt: Luella for Target; thrifted
  • Tights: Hue
  • Socks: Hanes
  • Necklace: Hand-me-down
  • Boots: No tag; thrifted
  • Watch: Casio
  • Regular glasses

Closeup of the necklace and my ridiculous face.

I'm thinking of ripping up and shredding the pink sweater a bit. It makes me look a bit bulky as is, and deconstructing it would thin it out. I've also sort of been coveting a ripped sweater...but I'm not sure yet. What think, readers?



  1. (This is Becky.)

    When you say "ripping and shredding" do you mean attacking it with a cleaver, or attempting DIY Rodarte? ( for reference)

    Either way, I approve. It looks like the right starting material, and some ripping would probably help thin it out. Also, the sleeves and trunk look a little short, which may be adding to the sweater's bulky appearance - holes might let you stretch it a bit more.

    Also, I envy your success at shoe-thrifting.

  2. Yeah, I sort of meant DIY Rodarte, but less patterned and more...well, just ripped. And yes, it is a mohair blend that will lend itself well to that sort of thing.

    :D And shoe-thrifting is fairly easy for me. Shoe size 7.5ish=pretty common.