Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gaming Fashion Inspiration: Metal Gear Solid

Those of you who know your way around a console (or two, three, four, and more) no doubt are excited for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid games.

C'mon, more Big Boss? You know you want this.

I know I am. In anticipation (and general admiration of the series itself) I made some sets on Polyvore inspired by characters from the preexisting installments.

I would be remiss if I didn't include Meryl, the most popular female character in the series. Outfit based on her character design from Metal Gear Solid 1 and 4.

Though she's just a kid, I think Sunny (from Metal Gear Solid 4) has the maddest style of any character from the entire series. Those socks? Awesome.

Ah, the anime nerd-turned-hero we know and love. Otacon's character design started out basic and casual in Metal Gear Solid (top picture in the set) but classed it up by MGS 4 (bottom). Do you know any geeks who can pull off an all-white ensemble?

Big Mama
Big Mama by The Stylish Geek on

Eva, AKA Big Mama, also went through a winning transformation. Check her out circa Metal Gear Solid 3:

Uh, yeah. I think her later look in MGS4 (see Polyvore set) was rockin'.

Vamp's a creep, but I like the whole futuristic-Victorian thing he's got going on in Metal Gear Solid 4. (P.S.: Look at the belt in that set. Is it not the best thing you've ever seen?)

Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot by The Stylish Geek on

Finally, the poster child for stylin' MGS characters. Young Revolver Ocelot, as he appeared in MGS3, is simply fabulous. Color coordination FTW.

Which video game characters' style do you admire?

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  1. OMG! this is one of my boyfriend's top favorite games. he even got to meet Hideo Kojima at the game developers conference and got a picture with him... he looks insanely happy in it, it's hilarious.
    i don't play that many games, mostly pokemon and zelda... but i started reading the resident evil books and i think i'm gonna play the first game for DS. jill is the best.