Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 11 June 2009

(I know it's old, but I just noticed the crown is made of wrenches! How cute is that?)

'S been a while, hasn't it?
  • Blue hair! I has it. There are currently no pictures of it anywhere on the internet yet, but there will be.
  • My classes. Especially Art in New York. Every day class meets at a different museum, and the only class requirement is that we keep a meaningful journal of our trips. ♥
  • My Moleskine. It's the first one I've ever had (I'm using it for my aforementioned journal) and I love it! I admit, I always thought "what's the big deal? It's just a notebook", but now I understand. So neat; so convenient; so cute.
  • Star Trek. Aaaaaaaiiiiieeee! I have been a Trekkie since I was wee. The new movie has reawakened this obsession. Also, this community. It makes me squee.
  • Meeting people in person that I know on the Internet. (Fun, but always do it in a public, safe setting, children!)
  • Browsing sex toys on the Internet.
What's got you in the pink, meine Schmetterlinge?



  1. I love:
    -when my job is exciting, which is a good part of the time. Mostly this is when things enter crisis mode, so there's a bit of sadism involved. But it's better than monotony.
    -cheap, tasty food. Who doesn't like that? Essex St. Market is my new favourite store.
    -Rivington St. It's got Babeland, Economy Candy, Sugar Sweet Sunshine and ABC No Rio.
    -being cuddly with a dear friend. For a variety of reasons, but mostly because it just feels great.

  2. I hadn't seen this version yet. I actually really like it.

  3. Was that Star Trek? I thought it was planet of the apes.