Friday, May 15, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 14 May 2009

Photo by debs-eye

  • New haircut! The last two haircuts I've had were collaborations between me and my aunt, and they're great. Seriously, if you don't mind taking risks, free haircuts are the best. (Pictures of today's adventure is coming!)
  • My friend Susan. She collects antique hats, and as a going-away present she let me choose one from her collection. The one I got is from the thirties, and yes, you will eventually see pictures.
  • Tina, my Pilates instructor. She's the best I've ever had and I'll be hard pressed to find anyone who even compares.
  • My third home. Ashland, Oregon: I will miss you.
  • My aunt and uncle. For putting up with me for 5ish months! I love them so.
  • The Team Fortress 2 Sniper update! (What do you expect? I'm a geek.)

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