Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daily Outfit Catchup: 3 May 2009

  • Sweatshirt: WD NY
  • Shirt: Seibei; thrifted
  • Belt: Hot Topic; thrifted
  • Skirt: Confetti; thrifted
  • Boots: Santana Canada; thrifted
  • Ring: Hand-me-down
  • Everyday glasses
Bad fashion blogger; not posting your outfits! During times of change, this blog does tend to get a little lost in the lurch, unfortunately. Moving from coast to coast is definitely a change! Once I settle down in New York, I'll try to get on that "regular posting" thing that everyone seems to be on about. :)

Fun fact: My grandpa really liked this oufit.


P.S.: Thanks, all who took the poll! I will continue with my normal posting schedule; that is, posting articles on Sunday and Tuesday.

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