Sunday, May 3, 2009

On Summer Boots

Boots are my most beloved type of footwear - so much so that I absolutely cannot give them up for the summer. Yes, it can be so hot that my eyebrows feel like they're melting into my eyes, but I will still voluntarily encase my feet in leather. Call me crazy if you want! (I don't count that as an insult, anyhow.)

Things to consider if you're looking for a pair of "summer" boots:

  • Material.
For the love of everything, get boots in a breathable fabric! Otherwise, your feet will probably end up in moist hell at the end of the day. Good materials to look for are leather or (cotton/hemp) canvas. I know there are also some fancy new synthetic, vegan leather substitutes that are breathable, but I'm not sure of their names.

  • Socks.
Unless you are wearing cutout or open-toed boots, absorbent socks (preferably in good ol' cotton) will help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Skipping socks will create a sweaty, slippery mess and make your boots smelly!

  • Height.
Common sense. An ankle boot covers less skin than a thigh-high and therefore will give you less heat troubles.

  • The rest of your outfit.
Since you're covering your feet and lower legs, let the rest of your body breathe a bit, mmkay? Showing bare skin above your boots is particularly effective, as it allows the hot air inside to escape.

  • Type.
Certain types of boots will serve you better in hot weather, and some are even designed for it.
  • Cowboy boots: Originally designed for desert conditions. Usually made out of breathable leather. The loose shaft provides some ventilation.
  • Jungle/Desert boots: Designed for troops fighting in hot conditions. Find them at an army surplus or army/navy store.
  • Hiking boots: Usually constructed out of breathable materials. Short shaft.
  • Cutout boots: For obvious reasons. Also, they're so darn pretty.

Polyvore for details

Do you wear boots in the summer? How do you wear them?


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