Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: 6 March 2009

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I should rename my version of TiLT "Things I Love Friday", amiright? It always ends up posted then...
  • Sexy dreams. I just woke up from one, so perhaps it's a little more on my mind than usual...
  • Spinning. Making your own yarn is fun! I highly recommend it.
  • My new pants. Like the awesome hat I showed off this week, you shall soon see them in an outfit picture.
  • Valve. (The corporation that makes Team Fortress 2, for the uninformed.) I love them so much because they incorporate internet memes into their updates. The recent Scout update includes new voice responses that reference Vince Offer of Shamwow and Slapchop infomercial fame. Way to win my heart! Okay, I'm a huge nerd. But I'm not afraid to say it!
  • Not being on the East Coast for that Nor'easter. Hahahah! Suckers!
  • Ashland's Chocolate Festival! It starts today! I can't wait to get stuffed with gourmet chocolate!
  • This song. Hee.
What's twitterpating you today, darlings?


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