Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Live Stylishly: 3 March 2009

by brookeshaden
  • Paint a wall of your room. Make it something exciting; maybe magnetic or chalkboard paint. If you’re not allowed, cover a wall in fabric of your choice instead.
  • Have a music party. Each guest must bring 2-5 songs to share (any genre) on a USB drive or CD. Put them all together in a playlist, put it on shuffle, and see where the music takes you!
  • Dress as a high school stereotype for a day. Extra points if it’s a stereotype as which you were never categorized.
  • Open an old box from your basement/attic/closet/garage/whatever. Reclaim the items inside—and if they’re not useful, get rid of them! Even dealing with just a bit of clutter feels good.
  • Get yourself a drop spindle and learn how to spin your own yarn. Use it for your own crafts or gift it to knitty friends.
  • Go shopping, but don’t bring any money. Allow yourself to be inspired by what you see.
  • Replace plain light bulbs in public spaces with colored ones.

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