Friday, March 20, 2009

Daily Outfit + Links Catchup: 13 March 2009

  • Dress: WD NY
  • Pants: No label, thrifted
  • Watch: Casio
  • Bracelet: Hand-me-down
  • Regular glasses
  • Boots: No label, thrifted
I like this outfit. It sort of reminds me of salwar kameez. Comfy and figure-flattering. Detail of the stuff on my wrist:


The purple thing is a Bonfim wish ribbon.

  • Hey, want to see a video that makes me laugh so hysterically that I cry? It makes no sense. I'm really weird.
  • Probably my favorite stand-alone clip from The Venture Bros. Also makes me completely crack up. Makes more sense than the first video. :)

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