Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Noncheesy Valentine's Gifts For Everyone On (and Off) Your List

Sure, Valentine's Day is a big commercial mess, but that doesn't mean giving gifts isn't fun! Here are some gifts available online that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

Item: a softer world's Truth and Beauty Bombs t-shirt
Get it for: Your best friend; the war protester on your street corner; a death metal-lovin' pacifist.

Item: A sleek compact with a secret condom compartment (and if you get the red one, 10% of your purchase goes to help the fight against AIDS!)
Get it for: Yourself; your *ahem* experienced friend; your little sister (set a good example!)

Item: Julia Pott's All the Boys print
Get it for: Your best guy friend; your brother; your dad.

Item: stoopidgerl's You and Me pendant
Get it for: Your raver friend; the girl you babysit; the classmate that always brings in cupcakes.

Item: Tilly Bloom's Cupid's Revolver print
Get it for: An emo kid; a writer; a friend with a tumultuous love life.

Item: The Kissaholic Kissing Kit (contains aphrodisiac lip gloss and breath mist!)
Get it for: A budding makeup artist; a natural remedy enthusiast; yourself!

Item: A Half a Conversation t-shirt
Get it for: A hipster; a player; a typographer.

Item: The Nice Jewish Guys calendar
Get it for: Anyone single; anyone Jewish; anyone with a sense of humor.

Item: A pair of glittery TOMS
Get it for: A displaced Kansas native; a walking Barbie who needs some flat shoes; a disco dancer.

Item: A Wishlist necklace
Get it for: Your PoMo girlfriend; a web designer; anyone who expects bling from you in these hard economic times.

Item: dazeychic's Where We Will Sparkle Forever print
Get it for: Your intended; your child; the wall at the workplace of your dream job.

Item: Kama Sutra condoms
Hand them out to everyone you run into on Valentine's Day!

Item: Threadless's "Friday I'm In Love" t-shirt
Get it for: Your rock jam partner; a (wannabe or original) '80s goth; a fan of The Mighty Boosh.

Item: queenBlingerie's Vixen bra
Get it for: Your girlfriend; your mistress; your favorite drag queen.

That should just about cover it! But if you're broke, try these three cheap, easy, foolproof DIY gifts:
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Baking
Just give them from the heart and you can't go wrong.


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