Monday, February 2, 2009

DIY Adventures!

Meet my thoroughly awesome friend Josh, who comments here under the pseudonym Pseudolus. He's here to share some of his past/present/future DIY projects.

"Oy vey. . . these pix need some explaining.

First we have the belt whence came the studs for the mitts.

"Next, it's me clowning about in a red bedsheet I dumpstered today. Will it
become a dashiki? A poet shirt? A Socialist banner? Stay tuned. . .

"Then, the brocade dress. I found it in a dumpster outside JoAnn Fabrics, but I
had to ditch the mall cops in order to secure it. I have already ripped one
seam to get the most usable fabric in reach. I should be able to make the two
front panels [of a reconstructed vest] from the dress *knocks on wood* - the back? Meh, I'll scrounge something for it sooner or later. It would be really cool if there was enough fabric to make a matching tie or cravat.

"One shot of the old long-sleeve tie-dye tee that I'm making into a draw-string

"And then the mitts. Need I say more?"

I must add that Josh is a talented musician. You should definitely check out his music!


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